Tuesday, April 12, 2011



During 2010, Cornell Pump Company was able to join efforts with two of our Municipal Representatives, to produce two Regional Pump Schools in the Eastern Region. The first school was held in Charlotte, N.C. on April 28, and the other one in Holyoke, Massachusetts on November 9.

Mechanical Equipment Company (MECO), and Water and Waste Equipment, our Representatives in the Carolinas’ and New England respectively, did a great job of promoting the schools in their territories. By sending out mailers, e-mails, calling their customers and acquiring CEU certification, both companies were able to exceed 60 people in attendance at the Schools. (CEU certifications were acquired at local Junior Colleges in their respective areas.) The attendees included local City Officials and operators, as well as A&E firms in the region. “Ten A&E firms were represented at the Pump School, along with five industrial customers” commented MECO’s Chad Johnson. “Multiple attendees approached MECO’s Engineered Sales team with accolades regarding the quality of the topics covered. The Pump School afforded us with the opportunity to engage our customers without distractions. As a result, we have received several inquires for Municipal and Regenerative Turbine Projects.”

Presentations were made on the following topics: System Design, Energy Efficiency, System Head Curves (including pumps in series and parallel), Hydraulic Institute Standards, NPSH, Pump Installation and Care, and Hydro Turbines. Cornell presentations were made by Robert Ray (Charlotte), Steve Schoenbrun (Charlotte and Holyoke) and Jeff Meiners (Holyoke). MECO’s Scott Fletcher presented the NPSH class in the Charlotte, N.C. School.

Both schools were held at a local hotel in their respective areas, and started at 8:00 am and concluded around 2:00 pm with catered lunches. “Jeff and Steve did a great job with their presentations” said Ray Bahr, of Water and Waste equipment. “The audience stayed attentive and interacted frequently, asking questions and having ongoing discussions with them.”

Regional Pump Schools have shown to be an excellent way to promote Cornell Pump Products, as well as, further developing relationships with our Representatives and their customers. Looking forward in the coming year………………you never know, there could be a Cornell Pump School coming soon, in a location near you!!