Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cornell Pump Company Presents PUMP SCHOOL 2011


Please join us for some in-depth training in the world of centrifugal pumps. Attendees from all over the world join us each year to learn the ins & outs of Cornell pumps. We offer training in many areas. Basic Hydraulics, NPSHA/R, Energy efficiency calculation’s and Installation & Troubleshooting just to name a few. Come learn with us, we look forward to seeing you at Cornell Pump School 2011. Visit cornellpump.com to download a PDF of the registration form. Look for the form on the left hand side of the site. Print it, fill it out and mail the registration form and your check back to us here at:

Typical Subjects Include: Basic Hydraulics

Pump Curves
System Design, TDH Calc. & Friction Losses
System Curves, Pumps
Parallel & Series
Pump Selection, NPSHA/R
Materials of Construction
Install. & Troubleshooting Motors
Mechanical Seals
VFD’s & Controls
Energy Efficiency Calc.
Life Cycle Costs

If you have any questions, call Kim Fandrey at: (503) 653-0330 (e-mail kfandrey@cornellpump.com) or visit our website at CORNELLPUMP.COM. Registration deadline is Wednesday, August 24th, 2011.