Tuesday, April 12, 2011



The 46th National Farm Machinery Show (February 16-19, 2011) in Louisville, KY. is the largest indoor farm show in America and it covers 27 acres of exhibit space. With more than 850 exhibitors and over 300,000 attendees, this is one big show. It also includes the nation’s oldest indoor tractor pull.

Three of Cornell’s top dealers: Bambauer Equipment, Bazooka Farmstar and Cadman Power Equipment are exhibitors. In talking with these three dealers, they feel this is a very worthwhile show to exhibit. After spending time in each of their booths and seeing the steady flow of traffic first hand, I would agree with them. Spending time in my dealers’ booths gives me the opportunity to talk with the end users of our pumps and answer questions that they may have, as well as learn more about their applications. Both Bambauer Equipment and Cadman Power Equipment did a great job in displaying our pumps and all three always do a great job in promoting them. Bambauer featured one of their trailer mounted pumping units with a 6NHTB19 pump and also a separate 6NHTB19-F18DBK pump. Cadman had one of our ever popular 4NHTB cutaway pumps and also a 6NHTB19-F18DBK pump.

As mentioned above, the most popular manure handling pump so far this year is the 6NHTB19. I have had orders of 5-10 units at a time from several of my dealers already this year. One of the main reasons for this increase in popularity is that this pump gives the custom pumpers the ability to increase the GPM output of their systems from 1200-1400gpm to over 2000gpm. Puck Custom Enterprises has been the leader in developing these larger systems and they say a custom pumper can gain an additional $8.00 per minute by upgrading to a system that will pump an additional 800gpm. By pumping an additional 800gpm over a 10 hour run time, which for a custom pumper is not unusual, could mean a gain of $4,800 in pay for that 10 hour period. By doing some simple math, you can see why this is one hot pump!