Friday, June 7, 2013

Australian marketing experts meet with Cornell Pump about joint marketing efforts

Marketing Specialists Alissa Allbut (left) and Ella Allbut, from Cornell’s Australia-based distributor Tru-Flo, visited our offices today to discuss marketing strategy and deliverables.

“Discussions were great,” according to Marcus Davi, Cornell VP of Sales. “Tru-Flo was excited about some the innovate products and materials we’re creating and how they can integrate into their marketing plans, and Cornell was thrilled to see how some of our support materials are being utilized. It was great information sharing, and we look forward to doing even more with Tru-Flo.”

If you have marketing questions or ideas, Cornell’s marketing staff would love to hear from you. Contact us about working on joint projects and how we can support your organization to highlight Cornell Pump projects.

Marketing can be reached at