Thursday, April 28, 2011

Big Event Mining Show

May 18th/19th, 2011

Cornell will be showcasing it's latest innovations at the BIG EVENT MINING SHOW in Timmons, ON, Canada on May 18th and 19th. Come and see why some of the biggest names in the industry are using Cornell Pumps in their everyday applications. With customers all over the globe, Cornell has field proven solutions for every market.

For more information on Rental/DAF Market/Redi-Prime® Applications:

Cornell’s Redi-Prime pumps offer the widest range of Dry Prime pumps in the industry—from 1.25” though 30” discharge size. Virtually all of Cornell’s Solids handling and Clear Liquids handling Centrifugal pumps can be fitted with the Redi-Prime system. The pump of Choice for Rental companies and OEM’s around the world, you’ll find Cornell’s Redi-Prime pumps in a wide range of applications in the Municipal, Agricultural, and Industrial markets. more

Cornell has incorporated many unique and innovative design features into it’s mining pumps, while maintaining it’s position in the industry as the leader of heavy-duty, low maintenance units. Cornell’s mining pumps have been used successfully in a variety of mining and dewatering applications. These new pumps are designed specifically to handle high head applications while providing a long service life. more

Where we'll be:
Area: arena2
Booths: A2R63

Thursday, April 21, 2011


We have just received our hard copies of the 2nd quarter newsletter. You can download a digital copy here, or email us if you would like a hard copy mailed to you.

In this issue of PumpLine:
* Pumpschool - coming up fast, register now
* Qatar's Middle East Monsters
* Redi-Prime®  in Russia
* Our S.E. partners: GPM, PSI, Centro and Jim House

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Job Opening: Buyer

SUMMARY (view full PDF description here)
Manage the assigned commodities by establishing and maintaining the supplier relationship. This position will be responsible for cost containment and reduction, new product introductions and related project support, sourcing new suppliers, and continuous development of existing suppliers for each assigned commodity.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

Manages suppliers for assigned commodities by negotiating price, delivery, quality and service levels with vendors.
Understands supplier reviews/evaluations for quality, on-time delivery, and cost competitiveness
Resolves supplier performance issues that negatively impact Cornell's ability to fill customer orders (i.e.: nonconforming material returns and replacement, late delivery, cost increase, etc.).
Initiates RFP's (aka RFQ's) from the simple to the complex.
Responsible for procuring proper materials in the appropriate quantities from qualified suppliers utilizing the MRP system.
Pursue cost reductions and/or profit improvement through cooperative efforts with supply base.
Assists with inventory control by identifying and disposing of excess and inactive inventory
Generates ECN's when appropriate.
Follows ISO procedures in support of continuous process improvement.
Ability to travel as required.
PC literate and experience utilizing Microsoft software (Excel and Word).

High School Diploma or GED; minimum two years direct experience with sand castings, metal
fabricated assemblies, machined components, motors, seals, bearings, couplings, MRO and outside
processes; or equivalent combination of education and experience.
Prior utilization of MRP software for the fulfillment of ongoing production requirements.
Must be familiar with part qualification, first article acceptance and production readiness.

Please email your resume and cover letter to Please put the job title in the subject line of your email.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011



During 2010, Cornell Pump Company was able to join efforts with two of our Municipal Representatives, to produce two Regional Pump Schools in the Eastern Region. The first school was held in Charlotte, N.C. on April 28, and the other one in Holyoke, Massachusetts on November 9.

Mechanical Equipment Company (MECO), and Water and Waste Equipment, our Representatives in the Carolinas’ and New England respectively, did a great job of promoting the schools in their territories. By sending out mailers, e-mails, calling their customers and acquiring CEU certification, both companies were able to exceed 60 people in attendance at the Schools. (CEU certifications were acquired at local Junior Colleges in their respective areas.) The attendees included local City Officials and operators, as well as A&E firms in the region. “Ten A&E firms were represented at the Pump School, along with five industrial customers” commented MECO’s Chad Johnson. “Multiple attendees approached MECO’s Engineered Sales team with accolades regarding the quality of the topics covered. The Pump School afforded us with the opportunity to engage our customers without distractions. As a result, we have received several inquires for Municipal and Regenerative Turbine Projects.”

Presentations were made on the following topics: System Design, Energy Efficiency, System Head Curves (including pumps in series and parallel), Hydraulic Institute Standards, NPSH, Pump Installation and Care, and Hydro Turbines. Cornell presentations were made by Robert Ray (Charlotte), Steve Schoenbrun (Charlotte and Holyoke) and Jeff Meiners (Holyoke). MECO’s Scott Fletcher presented the NPSH class in the Charlotte, N.C. School.

Both schools were held at a local hotel in their respective areas, and started at 8:00 am and concluded around 2:00 pm with catered lunches. “Jeff and Steve did a great job with their presentations” said Ray Bahr, of Water and Waste equipment. “The audience stayed attentive and interacted frequently, asking questions and having ongoing discussions with them.”

Regional Pump Schools have shown to be an excellent way to promote Cornell Pump Products, as well as, further developing relationships with our Representatives and their customers. Looking forward in the coming year………………you never know, there could be a Cornell Pump School coming soon, in a location near you!!



The 46th National Farm Machinery Show (February 16-19, 2011) in Louisville, KY. is the largest indoor farm show in America and it covers 27 acres of exhibit space. With more than 850 exhibitors and over 300,000 attendees, this is one big show. It also includes the nation’s oldest indoor tractor pull.

Three of Cornell’s top dealers: Bambauer Equipment, Bazooka Farmstar and Cadman Power Equipment are exhibitors. In talking with these three dealers, they feel this is a very worthwhile show to exhibit. After spending time in each of their booths and seeing the steady flow of traffic first hand, I would agree with them. Spending time in my dealers’ booths gives me the opportunity to talk with the end users of our pumps and answer questions that they may have, as well as learn more about their applications. Both Bambauer Equipment and Cadman Power Equipment did a great job in displaying our pumps and all three always do a great job in promoting them. Bambauer featured one of their trailer mounted pumping units with a 6NHTB19 pump and also a separate 6NHTB19-F18DBK pump. Cadman had one of our ever popular 4NHTB cutaway pumps and also a 6NHTB19-F18DBK pump.

As mentioned above, the most popular manure handling pump so far this year is the 6NHTB19. I have had orders of 5-10 units at a time from several of my dealers already this year. One of the main reasons for this increase in popularity is that this pump gives the custom pumpers the ability to increase the GPM output of their systems from 1200-1400gpm to over 2000gpm. Puck Custom Enterprises has been the leader in developing these larger systems and they say a custom pumper can gain an additional $8.00 per minute by upgrading to a system that will pump an additional 800gpm. By pumping an additional 800gpm over a 10 hour run time, which for a custom pumper is not unusual, could mean a gain of $4,800 in pay for that 10 hour period. By doing some simple math, you can see why this is one hot pump!


One of the challenges of managing a territory is finding new avenues for market penetration. There are often several ways to accomplish this task. Our main focus in the Southeast has been to improve our position in the market by partnering with quality distributors in all areas. There have been several new additions in the Southeast recently:

GPM Industries Inc.
GPM Industries is committed to providing the highest level of customer service. Three strategically placed locations in Macon, Alpharetta, and Savannah, GA keep GPM positioned to respond quickly to customer needs. GPM’s combination of exceptional service and sales brings a much needed Cornell presence to the State of Georgia. I am excited to have them as a partner in our business.

PSI Equipment Inc.
PSI Equipment, located in Boca Raton, FL brings years of pump and engineering experience to the table. They specialize in providing custom designed pumping systems integrating pumps, motors, chillers, boilers and heat exchangers. Staffed with mechanical, electrical and marine engineers, they are able ensure proper design and installation services for our products. We look forward to working with them in the State of Florida.

Centro Inc.
Our newest distributor Centro Inc, is a specialty distributor that focuses on industries where process flow control of fluids, solids and gases is critical success factor. Centro’s sales focus is divided into five market segments: Valve & Engineered Products, Pump & Seal, Compressed Air, Process Filtration, and Instrumentation & Automation. Centro has offices in Memphis, TN; Nashville, TN; Little Rock, AR; El Dorado, AR and Shreveport, LA. Centro will be covering Western Tennessee, Mississippi and Northern Louisiana for Cornell.

Jim House & Associates
Jim House & Associates has been the Cornell industrial distributor for Alabama and the Florida Panhandle for a little over a year. Their level of expertise has already increased Cornell’s presence in the Alabama industrial market. When we started searching for a new municipal distributor in Alabama, we didn’t have to look very far. Jim House is one of the most respected municipal reps in the state. With excellent sales, service and support personnel, partnering with Jim House puts us in an excellent position in the Alabama municipal market. We look forward to working with them in State of Alabama and the Florida Panhandle.

Thursday, April 7, 2011



Russia has become a new and exciting market for Cornell in the past two years. We have had success in the agricultural, manure and Redi-Prime® markets and the potential appears to be growing daily.

Agricultural has taken center stage as pivot company OEM’s have been able to combine our pumps with both linear and pivot sales – specifically in Southern Russia.  Demand is increasing and the Russians are seeing the significance of using modern efficient machinery versus WWII era equipment. It also appears that the government is backing this conversion to modern machinery, based on the interviews I conducted while visiting the country. Thus financing is becoming available to assist local farmers in purchasing new equipment. In addition, last year’s drought caused the country to rely on agricultural imports for the first time in many years which has increased the awareness for the need of supplemental irrigation. Also, potato processors, such as Frito Lay, have issued contracts to local farmers to increase production and uniformity in potato crops in order to supply the food processing industry with an ample amount of product to serve the Russian snack industry. The pivot OEM’s are benefiting from this project which in turn provides sales for Cornell.

Companies like Vandenbussche Irrigation and Cadman Power from Canada have entered the Russian manure slurry market for Cornell by using our 4NHTB’s on their manure handling systems.  These markets are continuing to grow also as the Russians are trying to increase meat and dairy production, thus requiring more systems to handle the waste.  The outlook for demand on these products is exciting. Finally, BBA, one of Cornell’s distributors in Holland, has sold a redi-prime for dust suppression in a mining application.  This is a major step in establishing Cornell in a market where we have enjoyed good success in other regions of the world like Australia.

Russia will continue to be a great market potential for Cornell, especially if commodity prices remain high and consistent.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


By Bob Jansen / Jeff Johnson 

Cornell Pump Company now offers our heavy-duty, high efficiency pump ends, in a hydraulically driven, submersible configuration for your portable hydraulic applications!

Due to high demand from our dewatering and manure handling OEM’s for a stronger, longer lasting, high efficiency, energy saving, low maintenance product for low to medium pressure transfer applications, that could be driven by a hydraulic motor, we have adapted our standard, heavy duty “16” and “18” bearing frames for submersible (watertight) service, and have manufactured various adapters to fit industry standard hydraulic motor dimensions.

The initial offering of the “DuraSub” will include three popular solids handling models – 4NNT, 6NNT, and 8NNT – and the first units will be in stock by the end of May.   The stock units will be complete with Permco hydraulic motors for your existing power pack.  Or, if you need a new power pack unit, we can recommend some companies that will build them for you.

These new Cornell hydraulic submersibles have been field tested in severe applications and have performed flawlessly. We will be adding nine more pump models to this product line in 2011, including our Delta series models for handling heavier solids.  In addition, most of the existing Cornell Pump models that fit a “16” or “18” frame size can be modified to this submersible configuration, also.   Pump models will also be available in any of our optional materials of construction such as 316 stainless steel, CD4MCU or ductile iron for abrasion resistance.

The solids handling models will be provided with our standard hard-faced, single mechanical seal on the pump side, and a carbon/ceramic secondary mechanical seal.  The modified bearing frame includes o-rings  for watertight sealing. Standard equipment includes a Permco series M197 or M7600 hydraulic motor, splined shaft, pump stand and lifting bail. Please contact your Cornell sales rep for additional information on this product, or for copies of the brochures and data sheets we have available for this latest offering.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011



Centex Fluid products in partnership with M/S Arabi Company Qatar have supplied the largest trailer mounted pumps for ASHGHAL (Qatar Municipality) involving 12NHG28 pumps driven by 700 HP Diesel engines. These pumps are designed for a flow of 2000 m3/Hr at head range of 70 to 100 meters. Pumps are supplied with double volute casings which play a vital role in reducing radial loads, and are a unique feature of Cornell sewage pumps

Under competitive bidding the client ASHGHAL has awarded Centex Fluid products the project after evaluating many merits of the subject bid.  ASHGHAL will be using the Cornell pumps for sewage by-pass operations - emergency back up during pump station failures.  Centex has engineered and implemented this innovative design to place this massive assembly on a trailer with built in fuel tank, which is the first of its kind in Middle East. The trailer mounted monster is hand made in the USA.

Qatar has been undergoing a phenomenal development in infrastructure with close to $50 Billion being invested in infrastructure projects, predominantly for improving sewerage, roads and water supply related projects. Cornell is very proud to be associated with Centex Fluid products and their esteemed client, ASHGHAL.

Cornell Pump Company Presents PUMP SCHOOL 2011


Please join us for some in-depth training in the world of centrifugal pumps. Attendees from all over the world join us each year to learn the ins & outs of Cornell pumps. We offer training in many areas. Basic Hydraulics, NPSHA/R, Energy efficiency calculation’s and Installation & Troubleshooting just to name a few. Come learn with us, we look forward to seeing you at Cornell Pump School 2011. Visit to download a PDF of the registration form. Look for the form on the left hand side of the site. Print it, fill it out and mail the registration form and your check back to us here at:

Typical Subjects Include: Basic Hydraulics

Pump Curves
System Design, TDH Calc. & Friction Losses
System Curves, Pumps
Parallel & Series
Pump Selection, NPSHA/R
Materials of Construction
Install. & Troubleshooting Motors
Mechanical Seals
VFD’s & Controls
Energy Efficiency Calc.
Life Cycle Costs

If you have any questions, call Kim Fandrey at: (503) 653-0330 (e-mail or visit our website at CORNELLPUMP.COM. Registration deadline is Wednesday, August 24th, 2011.