Wednesday, April 6, 2011


By Bob Jansen / Jeff Johnson 

Cornell Pump Company now offers our heavy-duty, high efficiency pump ends, in a hydraulically driven, submersible configuration for your portable hydraulic applications!

Due to high demand from our dewatering and manure handling OEM’s for a stronger, longer lasting, high efficiency, energy saving, low maintenance product for low to medium pressure transfer applications, that could be driven by a hydraulic motor, we have adapted our standard, heavy duty “16” and “18” bearing frames for submersible (watertight) service, and have manufactured various adapters to fit industry standard hydraulic motor dimensions.

The initial offering of the “DuraSub” will include three popular solids handling models – 4NNT, 6NNT, and 8NNT – and the first units will be in stock by the end of May.   The stock units will be complete with Permco hydraulic motors for your existing power pack.  Or, if you need a new power pack unit, we can recommend some companies that will build them for you.

These new Cornell hydraulic submersibles have been field tested in severe applications and have performed flawlessly. We will be adding nine more pump models to this product line in 2011, including our Delta series models for handling heavier solids.  In addition, most of the existing Cornell Pump models that fit a “16” or “18” frame size can be modified to this submersible configuration, also.   Pump models will also be available in any of our optional materials of construction such as 316 stainless steel, CD4MCU or ductile iron for abrasion resistance.

The solids handling models will be provided with our standard hard-faced, single mechanical seal on the pump side, and a carbon/ceramic secondary mechanical seal.  The modified bearing frame includes o-rings  for watertight sealing. Standard equipment includes a Permco series M197 or M7600 hydraulic motor, splined shaft, pump stand and lifting bail. Please contact your Cornell sales rep for additional information on this product, or for copies of the brochures and data sheets we have available for this latest offering.