Monday, June 25, 2012

Cornell Pump Unveils New Collateral

With the arrival of our new website, even more Cornell Pump information is available for download. Several new brochures are available, including:

Water Transfer Hydraulic Fracturing. This brochure details how Cornell pumps aid in the search for wet and dry natural gas, as well as oil through hydraulic fracturing. Provided is a family curve for our most popular water transfer pumps.

Refrigeration. An update of a classic! Cornell Pump has been an industry leader in refrigeration pumps for more than 35 years. New brochure features open drive and hermetic refrigeration pumps from Cornell.

Manure. Manure pumps are an important component of Cornell’s agricultural offerings. Our new brochure highlights how our pumps are efficient and dependable for this market segment.

All materials can be downloaded from Hard copies can be sent from Cornell Pump Marketing—please contact us at