Tuesday, June 26, 2012



Availability of Pumps Pushed Prices Down Significantly:

Cornell Pump Company will have many popular models of our pumps made out of CD4MCu, including 4414T, 6NHTA, 8NNT models available for quick delivery beginning in July 2012. This is a significant change, according to Robert Ray, Cornell’s president, “Having the castings in house lets us significantly reduce the time of production; shaving more than six weeks off of delivery. And in addition to faster production of the pumps, we also are able to lower prices—some by as much as 40 percent, because of the economies of scale.”

CD4MCu is a duplex metal alloy, with the same corrosive resistance as 316 stainless steel, but with the added benefit of being much more abrasive resistant. Common uses for CD4MCu pumps are in mining and seawater applications. These pumps will last for long periods of service, when a standard cast iron pump might fail in two weeks.

Cornell has sold CD4MCu pumps for mining gold and other instances where sulfuric acid is required to process the metal. The CD4MCu pump is able to handle the abrasive and corrosive solutions pumped in the process. We have also installed pumps in aquatic applications, especially where brackish or deionized water needs to be transported.

If you have a need for CD4MCu pump please contact your Cornell sales representative. Cornell’s aggressive pricing and shortened lead time should be very enticing for those who need the longevity, dependability, and the corrosive and abrasive resistant of these pumps.