Thursday, September 22, 2016

Keys to Using Pumps In Series

keystousingpumpsinseriesPossible Reasons/Scenarios in Which to Use Pumps in Series:
  • When a wide range of flow is required

  • When the pumps discharge into a common manifold

  • When the system head requirement is greater than can be supplied by one pump

  • When system pressure requirements vary


Keys to using pumps in series:
  • Same flows, heads are additive

  • Not limited to identical pumps

  • Continuously rising curves are best

  • Check literally everything (seal limits, pump pressure limits, etc.)


Possible Advantages:
  • Maintain high pump efficiency with greatly varying heads

  • May be able to use some present equipment

  • Space pumps throughout system

  • Reduces pipe pressures

  • Reduces axial load


Possible Disadvantages:
  • Multiple pumps may be more expensive

  • Larger pumps may offer higher efficiency at design point

  • More accessory equipment required