Friday, June 26, 2015

Specialty Metals for Industrial Applications

STX Pumps now in available in CD4MCu

Cornell's popular self-priming pumps have always featured industry-leading efficiency. Now, if the application calls for enhanced corrosion or abrasion resistance, our 3STX, 4STX, and 6STX models are available in CD4MCu.


  • Corrosion and pitting resistance
  • Higher strength than standard grades of stainless steel
  • Improved ductility and weldability
  • Better resistance to embrittlement
  • Brinell Hardness up to 285

STX Features

CORNELL CYCLOSEAL® SEALING SYSTEM with Type 2 silicon carbide seal and grit removal system.

CORNELL PUMP FIVE-YEAR WARRANTY is standard on all STX pumps.

HIGH-EFFICIENCY DESIGN pumps more liquid using less energy for substantial savings over the life of the pump.

MODULAR DESIGN rotating assembly for easy conversion to SAE engine driven applications.

HIGH RPM CAPACITY for high-head and engine driven applications.

DROP-IN REPLACEMENT for many existing installations.

OVERSIZED OIL RESERVOIR provides superior bearing cooling.

To see more about STX and our other self-primers the STH and STL lines, visit the Cornell Pump website.
In addition to STX, these 11 other models are available in CD4MCu though our stocking program-usually shipping within two weeks and offered at a very significant cost savings.

  • 2.5H
  • 4622MX
  • 4HNTB19
  • 4NNTL
  • 4414T
  • 6NHTA
  • 6NHTB
  • 6822MX
  • 6NNT
  • 6NHTB19
  • 8NHG19
  • 8NNT
  • 8NHTA

304 Stainless Steel Pumps for Food Processing

Another specialty metal Cornell offers is 304 stainless for Hydro transport pumps. Cornell offers many sizes and configurations of hydro-transport pumps for food processing in AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Patented Cycloseal® design-ideal for grit removal
  • Widely accepted in food processing industry as standard material of construction for piping
  • Considerably less expensive than 316 stainless steel
  • Much stronger than cast iron; 190% greater tensile strength!

Cornell Pumps offers Hydro Transport 304 Stainless in these pumps:
  • 3NLP-F5K
  • 4NMP-F5K
  • 4NMP-F16K
  • 4NMPP-F5K
  • 4NMPP-F16K
  • 6NHP-F16K
  • 6NHPP-F16K
  • 8NHPP-F18K
  • 8NHPP-18DBK
  • 10NHPP-F12K
  • 12NHPP-F12K 
Each of these pumps feature:
  • Patented oversized, offset volute to eliminate product damage
  • No volute cutwater
  • Low cost of repair
  • Food grade packing
  • No product contamination
  • Robust design: Cornell Quality
  • Two-year warranty

  • Industry leading efficiency for greater savings
  • 304 SS Components in stock for quick delivery
For either CD4MCu or 304 stainless, contact your Cornell Pump Regional Manager - we can deliver these specialty materials fast, with great costs savings!