Friday, October 10, 2014

New 14NHG34 Pump

Cornell Pump is pleased to announce the release of the new 14NHG34 pump.  This is a high head, high flow municipal water transfer pump. This pump tested very well on the stand and is the highest energy pump Cornell has ever produced.

Here are the specs and features on a standard 14NHG34:

  • 16” 150# suction, 14” 300# discharge
  • 3 vane, threaded impeller (34” max dia)
  • Double wear rings
  • Ductile iron wet end (other materials available)
  • Standard type 2 seal
  • Available on F/EM20TB FRAME only
  • Available in cycloseal configuration only
  • 300PSI maximum casing pressure

  • Shutoff head: 635 ft!
  • Max flow at 1200rpm: 17600gpm
  • Max operating speed: 1200rpm
  • Max hp @ max speed & trim: 2000hp
  • 4.25” solids handling capability
  • 84% maximum efficiency

For details on the 14NHG34, including curves and dimensions, contact a Cornell Pump Sales Representative today.