Thursday, June 26, 2014

Pump Repair Kits

Cornell is offering pump repair kits for select models of pumps. With genuine Cornell parts, you help protect your warranty, and know that you are using the same quality parts we have made in Oregon since 1946. These kits feature parts commonly used together for pump maintenance such as:
·         Wear rings
·         Shaft sleeves
·         Volute gaskets
·         Impeller washers
·         Lockscrew kit
·         Impeller key
·         Impeller shims
·         Mechanical seal
·         Lipseals, and
·         V-rings

The kits are available now for these pump models; 3HC-RP, 4NNT-RP, 6NHTA-RP, 8NHTA-RP, and 8NHTH-RP. More pumps will be added frequently. Please check with your regional manager for pricing on the repair kit. Download the flyer on the kits from the Cornell Pump website.