Monday, November 25, 2013

First Look: Cornell’s STX on a Trailer Package!

Since launching in August 2013, Cornell's self priming line, STX, has racked up applications around the globe. The new line of self-primers offers the best efficiencies in the industry—up to 8 percent better than other leading manufacturers, depending on the model. Combined with our patented-Cycloseal® back plate technology, the STX Series is designed to operate in extremely heavy duty situations.

These pictures show the STX mounted on a trailer package. A leading OEM rental distributor of Cornell put this tantalizing package together with the Cornell 6STX pump. Designed to pump up to 1,600 GPM, and handle a 3 inch solid, the 6STX boasts BEP of 62 percent.

Costing up to $2,000 less a year to operate than other leading manufacturers 6 inch self-primers, the Cornell STX is not only sharp looking—it’s a cost saver.

To find out more about the STX, visit the Cornell website, view the brochure, or access the technical data sheets.

Did you know? A specially designed removable rotating assembly allows the new Cornell piece to retrofit with other manufacturers' pumps. Contact Cornell to see if you can retrofit with the best!

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