Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Richard Holton, Southeast Regional Manager, recently completed his testing and was award status as a Certified Irrigation Designer by the Irrigation Association (IA). Holton had to demonstrate more than three years of knowledge and practical experience in irrigation projects and design prior to his certification, pass three rigorous exams proctored by IA, and agree to uphold the group’s extensive standards and ethics code of conduct.

“We’re excited for Richard to be recognized,” said Marcus Davi, VP of Sales. “His commitment to customers comes through with his achieving this certification.

Richard will draw on his extensive training, backed by the certification, to help his agricultural customers thrive. With our new Edge end gun booster, bolstering our well regarded irrigation pumps, Cornell continues our tradition of agricultural pump excellence started in 1946.”

As a Certified Irrigation Designer, IA checked that Holton will be able perform these tasks for irrigation systems sighting, design, and maintenance:

  • Evaluate site conditions and determine water availability and use requirements.
  • Select the most effective irrigation equipment, methods and materials for the application.
  • Develop efficient and cost-effective irrigation designs that meet the plant or crop’s watering requirements.
  • Prepare comprehensive plans and specifications that include construction details, equipment or materials, as well as appropriate irrigation schedules.
  • Ensure the installation matches the design intent.
  • Provide direction to the end user on system use, scheduling and maintenance.

Congratulations Richard on your certification! Kudos also go as well to Bob Jansen, Agricultural Market Manager, who has held certification since 1994.

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