Thursday, December 20, 2012


Cornell’s new MP series of pumps are designed to be premium built pump, offering high operating pressures, that tackles coarse abrasive slurry applications. The 6819MP is the first pump in the series to go through the rigors of the test lab, and is anticipated to offer excellent performance for sand-manure applications in the agriculture market.

Sand-manure is quite abrasive and wears out standard solids handling pumps quickly. The 6819MP is designed to last longer and have greater wear resistance than our standard solids handling pumps. It is cast in hardened ductile iron, providing greater strength and resistance to heavy abrasive wear. Cornell offers the pump in high-chrome white iron, which is even more wear resistant. Both materials have larger wall thicknesses to allow for more erosion.

It has replaceable wear parts in critical areas where slurry recirculates back to the suction side of the pump, making repairs less costly. It also has an adjustable wear plate design to regain performance after erosion has occurred. The hydraulic design has the ability to operate at higher pressures than the typical slurry pumps on the market.

More about the MP series can be found here and in our brochure.