Tuesday, September 18, 2012


We occasionally get requests for parts on pumps we sold a LONG time ago. Following is a first person account from Jon Cobb, Cornell Parts Sales Specialist.

“I was reminded the other day of the power of the pump serial number in finding information on Cornell pumps. I recently searched for a replacement part for a pump manufactured in 1965.

The customer was able to provide the serial number, and from that, we were able to find the bill of materials and confirm the correct parts required for the repair. We’re able to pull up parts from 1965 due to the meticulous hand-written records and typed bills of materials kept on pumps that were built before 1981.

Cornell retains the hand written serial number, and typed bills of material records dating back to 1949. This information is accessible using the unique serial number issued to each pump Cornell manufactures.”

Because of Cornell’s innovative designs and rugged reliability, many of our pumps are decades old and still going strong. If you need a part, please call our knowledgeable and helpful parts teams of Jerry Nicholson, Dana Kutcher, and Jon Cobb.

Note: We have computerized records for pumps manufactured in 1981 and beyond.