Thursday, August 25, 2011

Puck Custom Enterprises: A Comparison of 3 Pumps

Here's a great post from Nancy over at PUCK CUSTOM ENTERPRISES. Today, they are covering an example of how to read Cornell pump curves properly and they also throw in a few different variables. They do say "These are very basic and incomplete examples. Estimates were made on Head loss through the hose. Estimates were made on NPSH Required. Terrain, elevation, and temperature were not considered. MANURE WAS NOT CONSIDERED."

Puck Custom Enterprises: A Comparison of 3 Pumps: Let's do a comparison of 3 Cornell Pump Curves: 4414 - 4 inch outflow, 4 inch intake, 14 inch impeller 4514 - 4 inch outflow, 5 inch intake...